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state university for reports of shots fired. the victim was shot by the theater and the center. we don't know anything about the victim or the shooter. christian schaffer is on the scene. we'll bring you the latest as soon as we know more and bring you more at so keep it right here. things have been gorgeous, temperatures in the 80-degree range in spots. 76 in edgewood. 79 in bel air. a new front on the move that will be a game changer as we push toward saturday, but in the meantime all this clear weather ahead of it, that's what we're in for. this line moves into the weekend. by the way, as we look at the rest of the evening tonight, a great time to fire up the grill,
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70s and staying clear. a decent weather scenario. 57 first thing in the morning. back to you. just one day, that's all they want, one day away from the stress. >> manny locke was there. >> number 52. >> reporter: the foundation and orioles came together for this event where critically ill children and their families got to enjoy play time and learn more about america's past time. >> it's important to have programs not just for cancer children but all critically ill children and in t just once in a lifetime, once a year but on going. >> reporter: imagine having steve johnson showing you how to
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throw a fast ball or play pitch are and have brian mad disas your your catcher. >> you see the smile own their face and see them come together. . >> reporter: 9-year-old abra ma'am who was deeing knowed with a brain tumor, his mom said he is doing well and this play time is what he needed. >> it provide as good opportunity for the kids to get back to their normal. >> reporter: this caring connection party is one of many the foundation has been providing for the past 12 years. baltimore, i'm manny locke, abc2
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news. >> all right. way to go. the orioles just announce add challenge it go orange. the team wants all elementary, middle and high schools to deck rated classrooms, gyms, feel with an orioles look. the winning school gets a visit by an orioles just before the final home series of the year. go to for more information. we're hearing about the shooting at morgan, perry hill and yesterday. the student who brought the gun to stemmers run never had a chance to pull the trigger because the typier wrestled it away. in many cases parents find out about these incidents through social media. but is giving a cell phone helpful or exposing them to
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other dangers. what is the right age for cell phones? >> reporter: when shots were fired inside perry hall's cafeteria on the first day of school, parents didn't have to wait for a note. >> he called me and said mom, mom, mom. there's a shooting. a shooting. >> i said, what! >> reporter: security is one of the main reasons parents give kids cell phones. 75% of the kids between 12 and 17 have cell phones. do they need one? >> if you have a child who's home for a long period of time or catching a bus or whatnot, they might need a cell phone earlier than someone else. >> reporter: my husband and i
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decided we would get our daughter a cell phone when she goes to middle school. at that point he is will be much more independent. >> neither one of my children have cell phones. i don't feel that children in middle school should have them. my daughter won't be getting a cell phone until at least the ninth grade. i think, in my opinion, it's a crutch for not properly monitoring your children. >> reporter: crutch or comfort. she said trust your gut when this comes to giving your child a cell phone. >> the best time to get a child a cell phone is when he needs one. so around middle school is usually a good time because they have afterschool activities and they have to get in touch with their parents. you want to set some ground rules and make sure they clan use it safely. >> reporter: using it safely is the biggest concern for many parents. >> having a cell phone does not provide safety. in my opinion it's the opposite.
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>> reporter: you can limit that access. you can use technology to your advantage. it's especially helpful when a teenager starts driving. >> there's an app that allows the child's phone to automatically shut down when they're driving over 20 miles an hour. >> reporter: it's important for parents to set rules, strict ones, when it comes to cell phones and make surety rules are followed. for example, two thirds of teenagers admit to texting in collapse and they say they're texting when their parents think they're sleeping. >> all right. you're barking back at her story. we want this to be our hot topic. we want to know exactly what you think about this.
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how young is too young. how old should your kid be before getting a cell phone? what age is appropriate for a kid to have a cell phone. >> something else we'll be tacking about, mcdonald's making a big change to its menu. >> i just had it down, hamburger and french fries. now the chain will help customers make healthier changes. >> a pell unveiled the iphone today. >> taking a look at our view from ocean city. ocean water temperature still about 75 warm degrees. we'll be back with the forecast.
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let's get back to the breaking news .d police tell us a victim was shot in the stomach between the theater by the student center on the morgan campus. baltimore police with riot shields entered the university's university and morgan estate police said officers are looking for an armed man an encouraged students to lock their doors and only open them to police.
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we are giving updates on we have a problem tonight with imported cheese carrying listeria. it killed one and sent three to the hospital, including three from our state. forever cheese is pulling the chose sold between june 20th and august the 9th. the government said if you have it, don't eat it, toss it. all right. you're soon going to be seeing a new addition on mcdonald's menu. the chain will post calorie counts. they're voluntarily doing it but regulations are in the works and it could involve major changes. listing calories is already required in philadelphia and new york. in areas where calorie counts are listed, the information hasn't changed what customers
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choose to order. well, it's thinner. it's taller. it's faster. i wish that were me. it's the iphone 5. it allows five rows of apps. it's twice as fast as the iphone 4. here's the big news. it allows for speeds up to 10 times faster than 3g apple said the speed and extra battery life will give users a chance to use their extra features. >> eight hours of breezing. 10 hours of wi-fi browsing. 40 hours of music play back. 220 hours of standby time. >> the iphone 5 goes on sale next friday starting for $199. preorders start this fry dpai. apple revealed new versions of the apple nano and ipad touch.
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the best chance to lock in a top dollar, the trade-in was three weeks ago. now your old iphone has lost 10% to 15% of the trade-in value. as of late last night you could trade it in for $277. you're not going to get that today. it depends on volume. when the iphone 4 came out, trade-in values dropped. what a wreath are is doing to boost her alma mater's science program no and how the candidates are talking about the attack on americans in libya.
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all right. take a look outside. bright sunny skies, more of the same. our view from downtown bel air. sunshine, not a cloud in the sky, just those deep blue sapphire skies. man, what a gorgeous day to be sailing on the severn down by the naval academy and baltimore under a nice blue sky. just a light breeze shaking some of the trees here at robert w coal man. current conditions now 77. dew point at 53. we have a light southeast breeze. pressure is high and still rising. sun set getting earlier now 7:19. winds from the south and east, nice breeze to stir the air, nothing excessive. again, these humidity values are gorgeous down to low 30s, 40% tile. here's the numbers.
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77 in baltimore. 80 in d.c. 76 in wilmington. 79 in easton. it's a clear, crystal clear setup, so no weather here, won't linger too long locally. what we can tell you about is what's coming down the pike. that will be another frontal boundary. this one generating showers, from areas in canada to north of wisconsin, the u.p. of michigan reaching into the southwestern states. so that's a large frontal boundary that is slowly creeping east and will eventually make its presence felt as we go into saturday. we also this it will clear out in time for our sunday. most of the weekend be relatively decent but the chance for showers and breezier conditions on saturday with that front. high pressure, dry weather settling in and continuing to set until for the next 28 to 48 hours but there's that frontal boundary. behind this warm air. it will keep us from warming up
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in any significant way. that front getting closer and closer by friday. how fast will it get out of here, we can't nail it down. it will feel good on sunday. new hurricane hunter, this is out in leslie, too but now it's in nadine. this is the nasa global hawk unmanned drone aircraft that can fly extreme distances and get down to the storm. even when they refuel in bermuda, this is a heck of a long storm but we have had the global hawk in here and this storm has been upgraded to a tropical storm nadine, projected to become a hurricane but also projected to stay safely out in the atlantic ocean. tonight 54 with clear skies. tomorrow 82 for your two-degree
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guarantee. more sun, warmer and 58 tomorrow night. we'll cool off especially late in the overnight hours. sunny through friday, chances for showers on saturday and the rest of the outlook, you see the deal. we cleared out for sunday looking really good. going out to philly. the weather will be great. chances for rain return early next week. >> let's get to democracy 2012. the attacks that killed diplomats in libya have turned into -- both sides were quick to go after one another today. >> on september 11th there was really this truce of sorts between both campaigns but all of that anded late last night. >> the united states condemns, in the strongest terms, this outray just and shocking attack. >> reporter: president obama appeared in the rose garden to speak out on the attack in libya
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that killed the u.s. ambassador and three americans. >> make no mistake, we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. >> reporter: republican candidate mitt romney also expressed outrage over the attack but was critical of what he calls the administration's initial response to the protest in egypt. romney claimed the administration sympathized with those who waged the attacks. the u.s. embassy in cairo condemning, quote the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of muslims has weakened efforts to offend believers. the state and white house disavowed the statement as unauthorized. today romney stood by his words when asked whether he had jumped the gun. >> the white house distanced itself from the statement saying this wasn't cleared by
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washington. that reflects the mixed signals they're sndzing to the world. >> reporter: the president responded to romney's criticism of the white house. >> governor romney seems to have a tendency to shoot first and aim later. as president, one of the things i've learned, is you can't do that. >> reporter: the president said if you make statements, they have to be backed up by facts and comfortable with the ram if i occasion. romney's campaign is talking to stop surrogates and giving them advice and language on how to respond. >> how is the public rehacking to the different statements coming from the candidates. >> reporter: i have this poll to show you from a few days ago. the question asked is who would better handful foreign poll ti, obama 54%, romney 42%.
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>> all right. tory dunnan, live for us in washington. >> forget all those polls. here's the real scientific measure to see who will win the white house. 7 eleven cups for the fourth consecutive -- obama supporter blue cups, romney red cups. the 7 eleven election results have been on target. in 2008 they predicted correctly that barack obama would win. a national award winning humor writer is giving back to her alma matter. she's publishing her first book "finding her dream home" with all the proceeds supporting catholic high schools science programs. this alum is making a difference. >> reporter: michelle "wojo"
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remembers her days as a student at the catholic high school. today she's front and center talking about her accomplishments as an author with proceeds benefiting catholic high. >> to remember when you start to do well, give back. give back because i have a lot of good memories of being here this helped for me as a young woman and i think it's important to have it come full circle. >> wojo released her first book. she's part of a comedy book, heaven help us to raise money for the chemistry lab. ticket sales will go toward a matching grant to help the science facilities. >> i said use the money wherever it's best. they talked about the chemistry
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lab and building the first ever science lab and they approached med that touches me. i miss her every day. the most difficult book about writing the book and most exciting part is that she's not here. >> reporter: educators at catholic high couldn't have been happier. >> the chemistry lab had not been ren flow vatted since -- reno vatted since 2001. any improvements affect the stem program. she's teaching them to pursue their dreams and to cause give back eye want to do writing when i'm older. i think it's great to see
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somebody who's great at doing what they want to do. >> reporter: sherrie johnson, abc2 news. coming up new at 6:00, more on that breaking news out of morgan state university where police said someone was shot on campus. >> saying good-bye to a man who spent his career protecting others. the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate. now you have the power to lower gas prices with the bp visa with pump rewards. apply at
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the naval academy has been named the best liberal arts college in the

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